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Messaging the Parties

ODACC’s Custom System contains a “Messages” screen (see Figure 7 below) that allows the Adjudicator, Parties, and Representatives to message one another. If a message is sent through ODACC’s Custom System, everyone who can access the case will be able to view the message, even if the message is only addressed to one recipient. This feature is designed to prevent ex-parte communications. Adjudicators should send messages to all Parties, or should copy all Parties on messages to specific recipients.

After a message is sent through ODACC’s Custom System, the intended recipient will receive an email stating that a new message is available on ODACC’s Custom System.

Figure 7: Messages Screen

Use of Personal Email Accounts

For security and confidentiality reasons, Adjudicators should avoid emailing the Parties through their personal email accounts. For further information, Adjudicators are asked to contact ODACC at

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