ODACC Custom System

ODACC Custom System Overview

ODACC was required by the Ministry of the Attorney General to set up a state-of-the-art custom computer system to facilitate the administration of adjudications (“ODACC’s Custom System”). ODACC’s Custom System allows Parties, Representatives and Adjudicators to work through the adjudication process. Below are details of the features available to Adjudicators through ODACC’s Custom System. Details of the features that are available to Parties are available at: https://odacc.ca/odacc-custom-system/.


Edit Adjudicators’ Profiles 

ODACC will create ODACC Custom System profiles for Adjudicators. The profile information will be displayed on the Adjudicator Registry. Adjudicators will be invited to edit their profiles on ODACC’s Custom System.

Adjudicator Selection Process

After the Parties agree on an Adjudicator or ODACC appoints an Adjudicator, the Adjudicator will receive an email notification from ODACC’s Custom System. After logging in to ODACC’s Custom System, the Adjudicator will be able to view the Notice of Adjudication and Response to Notice of Adjudication and consent to adjudicate the new adjudication. 

Receive Notifications

Adjudicators will receive email notifications after the Parties undertake activities in ODACC’s Custom System.

Fees, Retainers and Payments

Adjudicators Can:

  • Communicate the Adjudication Fee to the Parties and formalize the fee agreement with the Parties;
  • View the amount of the deposit posted paid by each Party to cover the expected adjudication costs;
  • Communicate to the Parties the Final Cost of Adjudication and apportion the Final Cost of Adjudication between the Parties; and
  • View a balance of accounts, detailing payments and refunds.

Adjudication Process

Adjudicators Can:

  • View the Parties’ suggested Pre-Designed Adjudication Processes; and
  • Communicate to the Parties the adjudication process and timelines.

Supporting Documents

Adjudicators Can:

  • Upload documents for the Parties to view; and
  • Download supporting documents that the Parties have placed on ODACC’s Custom System.


Adjudicators can send messages to the Parties.


Adjudicators Can:

  • Send a draft Determination to ODACC for review;
  • Submit the Determination to the Parties and ODACC electronically;
  • Download the certified Determination; and
  • Propose an extension of the Determination due date to the Parties.


Adjudicators can communicate to the Parties their resignation and negotiate fees owing at resignation. 

Creating an Account

ODACC will create ODACC Custom System accounts for Adjudicators. Adjudicators will receive an email from communications@odacc.ca with a link to set their password and access their account. Further information will be provided via email to Adjudicators.


To log in to ODACC’s Custom System, an Adjudicator must click on the blue “ODACC Custom System Login” button located on the top right of ODACC’s website, or visit the following link: https://app.odacc.ca/en-CA/Identity/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2F. To log in, the Adjudicator must use the email address the Adjudicator noted in the Adjudicator Application Package.

Security Code

Every time an Adjudicator logs in to ODACC’s Custom System, that Adjudicator will receive a security code via email or text message. The security code must be entered on the login page of ODACC’s Custom System to complete the login.  After an Adjudicator enters a security code, that Adjudicator will be re-directed to the home page of ODACC’s Custom System. 

Assistance Using ODACC’s Custom System

For assistance using ODACC’s Custom System please email authority@odacc.ca or call 416-307-0008.

Need Support?

Contact us at authority@odacc.ca


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