What Fees do the Parties have to pay in an ODACC Adjudication?

After an Adjudicator consents to adjudicate a dispute, the Adjudicator will contact the Parties to negotiate the Adjudication Fee. The Adjudication Fee may consist of a flat fee, or an hourly rate (plus disbursements). If the Adjudicator and the Parties cannot agree on an Adjudication Fee, the Adjudicator may ask ODACC to set the fee. ODACC will set the fee in accordance with the Schedule of Fees approved by the Attorney General for Ontario.

The Parties to an Adjudication are responsible for an equal share of the Adjudication fees unless the Adjudicator orders otherwise. Each Party to an Adjudication will be responsible for their own costs, regardless of the outcome.

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